Politics and Public Management

The area of politics and public management is composed of researchers, professors and consultants specialized in the study of the organization, functioning and transformation of state institutions. Its interests privilege the analysis of the historical formation of the state apparatus, the formulation and implementation of public policies, the design of public management systems and the processes of institutional reform of the public sector.

In recent years, its research work has included the study of the role of the state, the quality of democracy, the institutional capacity of the bureaucracy and the challenges of open government. Its consulting activity has been devoted to advising public organizations of different jurisdictions on decentralization, citizen participation, strategic planning, government restructure, human resource management, performance indicators, information technologies and institutional evaluation. In teaching, its members have acted as professors in master and doctorate programs in some of the most reputed universities of the country.

The Area maintains a fluid relationship with academics from other countries with whom it carries on collaborative projects. Its members currently organize and participate in specialized networks and international organizations, and receive funding from national, regional and multilateral organizations for conducting its projects.
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