Civil Society, Culture and Development

The Civil Society, Culture and Development department was created in 1992. Their goals are to produce and spread knowledge on the vast group of organizations that conform both Civil Society and Social Economy, thru programs and projects designed to improve the performance of these institutions.

In order to achieve this, it combines different kinds of activities such as research, technical assistance, postgraduate formation, training programs and impact evaluation.

The initiatives developed over the years focused on the links between economy, culture, and local development and on the relationships between business organizations, Civil Society Organizations and local governments. To this end, consultancy and training programs have been implemented.

Also, there are ongoing training programs that focus on the design, assessment and development of projects aimed at youngsters and teenagers in the fields of sports, arts, culture and recreation.

Currently, there are six programs underway
> Third sector information
> Social economy, culture and local development
> Training programs for schools and community-based organizations
> Business and society
> Organizational strengthening
> Postgraduate Program in Nonprofit Organizations (with Universidad de San Andres)

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